About Group of Change

Dr. Kayla Wholey has created the Online Platform called “The Group of Change” for the main purpose of forming a Worldwide community composed of aware and conscious individuals who are eager to work for Oneness/Wholeness on Earth on a day to day basis. The Group of Change is open to all individuals who would want to connect with those with the same yearning for personal development and therefore wholeness, starting out with personal transformation, eventually growth, and also for those who have ongoing questions about life and about finding ways to foster personal fulfillment.

Our Mission Statement
Enabling Oneness on Earth and help raise Individual Consciousness through using Awareness as a Tool

Our Vision Statement
To re-create a conscious and healthy earth through happy and fulfilled individuals

Our Motto
Oneness Within, Oneness Between

Our core values are:
Constantly and Consistently Increasing our Individual Consciousness
Personal Empowerment through using Awareness as a Tool
Acceptance of our own Selves with No Judgment
Creating and Sustaining our Drive for Change through Individual Courage and Personal Will
Demonstrating Empathy which, according to us is “Feel With” rather than “Feel For”
Continuous Relationship with our Universe