How it Works

Learning is a permanent change in behavior. According to your life goals, we help you learn new ways of feeling-thinking and behaving through our scientist-practitioner model and here is why it all works:

Our self-help tools are designed to fit your learning style.

Do you know how you learn best?

A lot of people learn by making use of their senses differently. Some learn by writing, some by reading or listening, some through speaking or watching and some learn best by doing or experiencing. Find out how you learn best by taking a short survey here.

2. Our e-learning programs are tailored to fit your related goals of prevention/manifestation/coping. With each online course that you enroll, you will come up with practical take-aways related to any or more of the following:

  • Prevention of the unwanted
  • Manifestation of the desired
  • Coping with the Uneasy

3. Our podcasts, blogs, articles, books, seminars, workshops and coaching services are important aids to your learning. Through these aids, you can find results-oriented packages that help you prevent, manifest or cope with utmost effectiveness and efficiency.

All of our offerings blend the scientist-practitioner model that entails both science and practice related tools and resources to bring you the best learning and therefore change experience possible.

For each problem, desire, or a repeating pattern, you will be able to have access to both experience and research-based resources.

As an example, if you would like to end your repeating procrastination problem, you will not only learn how to use some practical change tools but will also have access to the most state-of-the-art research findings related to this specific problem.

Now, to start using your awareness as a tool, take these 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose your change focus (Prevention/Manifestation/Coping-you can choose one or more)
  2. Download the free PDF (3 Steps to use Awareness as a Tool, Use Awareness as a Prevention ToolUse Awareness as a Manifestation ToolUse Awareness as a Coping Tool)
  3. Subscribe to with your selected membership