What is Prevention Focused Coaching?

As we all know, in our world which is far from being perfect, sometimes we end up with unwanted consequences in life. In other words, unwittingly and sometimes unexpectedly we end up with types of Loss, Loneliness and Lacks. These could be in tangible and intangible forms such as:

  • Sudden or anticipated Losses: Tangible (Valuables, Money, House, Job) /Intangible (Health, Success, Love, Relationships)
  • Short or long-term Loneliness
  • Lacks: Tangible (Stable income or a Job, Financial Resources, Stable living conditions) or Intangible (Partners/Significant Relationships, Social Support/Network)
  • These types of unwanted outcomes could come as abrupt (such as accidents, robbery, loss) or they could be anticipated (such as job losses or relationship break ups).

One cannot help but wonder why do these happen to some and not to some others, or why do they happen altogether?

  • Some say maybe sort of a luck factor, faith, or any type of external force. According to astrology we might be having the planet Saturn at a certain house under our sign for that particular year, month, or a day maybe.
  • But is it all there is to it and there is nothing we could do to prevent that bad outcome do you think?
  • We usually do not even question or take into consideration our personal contribution to this outcome as it may seem irrelevant and useless, or even unnerving at times.
  • However, there is some research evidence that shows that some unwanted consequences such as the ones we have listed above could have been avoided by enhanced awareness. This means actually that awareness could be used as a critical tool to prevent the unwanted. But how we can use it to serve this purpose needs some work on our part.

So how do we start using awareness as a prevention tool through coaching?

            Coaching is a one-on-one practice that involves personal change and transformation with a specific goal in mind. In more formal terms, coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or a client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. The learner is sometimes called a coachee (Wikipedia).

            Although coaching to date has been mostly associated with improving one’s performance and reaching one’s set goals in life, coaching could imply a grander process that might also involve goals related to prevention, manifestation and/or coping. The important thing to remember about coaching is that it involves learning. And learning could be about anything a person wants.

Here at Group of Change we are focusing our attention on providing coaching practice and service that involves prevention. What would a person want to prevent in his/her life? Anything that we mentioned above, such as things that are related to losses, lacks and loneliness. And prevention coaching is significant mainly because there is obviously no one who would not want to prevent any kind of unwanted consequences in their lives.

            To be able to use our awareness as a prevention tool through coaching

, we follow the basic steps below:

  • Awareness of what is, what was, including what has been repeating
  • Analyzing the roots of what has happened (both internal and external)
  • Understanding important signals before the unwanted occurrence
  • Understanding and removing one’s awareness blocks pertaining to prevention goals
  • Start learning and using awareness tips towards one’s prevention goals
  • Incorporate day-to-day awareness to one’s life in a natural way so as to prevent the unwanted

This way, we are able to bring Prevention goals to our Coaching Focus. It mainly is a learning process. So, what do we learn really?

  • First, we start learning about ourselves (our invisible and visible components)
  • As we start learning about ourselves, we start seeing the links and understand some signals
  • We learn about our awareness blocks and how to remove those for prevention
  • We learn to use some basic awareness tips for prevention purposes.

Whatever our prevention goal might be, coaching with a certain focus will help us to learn our past, present and therefore help shape our future with a more conscious state of mind.

Our coaching process will require our coachee to start using awareness as a prevention tool by start being aware of:

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Behaviors
  • Repeating Patterns
  • Whole self from a certain time perspective (Past-Present-Future)

So, how long would a prevention-focused coaching take? Months, years, may be? No, not really. As with any of our coaching practice, we have the following packages that involve a limited number of sessions:

  • 3 sessions (preliminary prevention focus): Here we identify the prevention focus including why it might be important for a certain individual. There may be few opportunities to see the removal of some awareness blocks. This package is mostly about understanding one’s thoughts-feelings and behaviors pertaining to a certain prevention goal.
  • 6 sessions (removal of awareness blocks focus): Here it is not only possible to identify how one’s awareness of past and present could have contributed to the unwanted outcome, but also to be able to see what one’s awareness blocks might be and to learn how to remove them to enhance one’s awareness further therefore to be able to get ready to fully apply some effective awareness tips.
  • 12 sessions (removal of awareness blocks and harnessing effective awareness tips): With this ultimate package of coaching practice, identifying, understanding, and applying of all awareness goals will be made possible with clear and tangible results obtained through complete removal of awareness blocks and application of related awareness tips towards any specific prevention goal.

If you are one of those who would like to start using their awareness as a prevention tool, book your session today by emailing us: coaching@groupofchange.com

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