Use Awareness as a Tool to Prevent Unwanted Consequences in Life, be it Abrupt or Anticipated…

Learn and practice to use awareness as a prevention tool to avoid abrupt or anticipated events such as:

  • getting sick, hurt or injured
  • losing a job/reputation/status
  • losing a lump sum of money
  • losing an important relationship or an important source of social support
  • becoming lonely
  • being cheated
  • getting into an accident (minor or major)
  • failing an important exam/test/interview

In other words, learn how to prevent Loss, Loneliness and Lacks in tangible and intangible forms such as:

Sudden or anticipated Losses in Life: Tangible (Valuables, Money, House, Job) /Intangible (Health, Success, Love, Relationships)

Loneliness (Short or Long-Term)

Lacks: Tangible (Stable income or a Job, Financial Resources, Stable living conditions)/Intangible (Partners/Significant Relationships, Social Support/Network)