Use Awareness as a Tool to Understand your Life Mission

Thinking of life mission in the form of “doing something for the common good” is a highly adopted practice for us human beings. However, apart from being inherently “good for the others”, life mission has a broader meaning especially concerning who we are as individuals. If you read any business book or a related source, definition of a mission is always reflected in the answer to the question of “who are we?”. Although commonly used for businesses and organizations, mission as a term also relates to us as humans and if we could grasp it fully, knowing and understanding our mission would lead us to unveil the mystery of why we exist at all.

            Looking at the mind-body and soul trilogy in my book: “Your First Step to Re-create your Life in Oneness: Awareness”, not only should we see them as inseparable parts of a human being but also having distinct characteristics related to who we are as individuals. Soul is the invisible part, having a silent stance and usually speaking through emotions and feelings. Mind is also the invisible part, having a noisy nature, usually talking endlessly and speaks through thoughts and words. And Body is the only visible part, does the acting and the reacting, could be noisy or silent depending on the nature of the action and speaks through words, behaviors, demeanors, physical sensations (related to internal or external stimuli) and gestures.

            All of these parts operate in different time perspectives, sometimes synchronically or a-synchronically. As an example, soul could be omnipresent, could go to the past, to the future or be present in the here and now. Mind usually works in the past or the future as it is highly concerned with control and predictability. Body, by its very nature works in the present moment, although it could carry the signs and symptoms of the past depending on one’s life experience.

            Concerning their nature and the times in which they operate, each part of human being has a message, sometimes ongoing and repeating, sometimes occasionally. No matter what their frequency of occurrence might be, it is important to be aware of what that message entails and what it might eventually mean.

            We all had, or we are in the process of having life experiences during which we might have certain feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Those could be negative, positive, or somewhere in between. For the negative experiences, no matter what the cause of that experience might have been, if we use our own awareness as a tool, that experience might be very critical to have a deeper understanding of who were or who we are (depending on the timing of that experience). Especially answering the who-what-where-when-how questions would be very useful first steps. As an example, let’s say, that negative experience was about losing a job. Answering those questions below would be very helpful to see the soul-mind-body components of your experience as well as to develop a further understanding of who you are, therefore, what your true mission/purpose might be.

  • What was the job about?
  • What was your thoughts/emotions/behaviors towards that job from the beginning to the end?
  • Who was your employer or who made the firing decision?
  • Where did that happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • How much experience did you already have before being fired?
  • Were there any antecedents of the event? Any important signals?
  • Did you see the event occurrence due to something completely internal or external or some of both?
  • Any feelings/thoughts/behaviors associated before the event

    , during the event, after the event?
  • How do you see your mind-body-soul trilogy working here? Do you see this experience completely out of hand, somewhat related to your inner workings, or completely in line with what you felt/said/thought/did prior to it?

Some events are predictable, some are not. Sometimes things happen and it becomes harder for us to accept the experience and its consequences. Here, the important thing is to be open to cultivate our awareness at all levels of the mind-body and soul so that who we are is louder and clearer.

            Coming back to the above as an important life example, if we know how to use our awareness as a tool to understand our life mission therefore core of our career path, it is critical to unveil the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral underpinnings of our own experience, be it positive or negative. Therefore, starting to answer the above questions would not only be instrumental in deepening our own awareness, but also would provide important clues as to what was right/wrong for us and why.

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