Use Awareness as a Manifestation Tool: Why Does it Take Time to Create the Reality You Want?

Everyone has dreams to realize… Everyone makes a wish… Everyone has a

reality they would like to see in front of themselves and most importantly, to experience… However, sometimes, for some reason it takes more time than we’d like. A lot of people feel impatient and even angry about a certain delay of dream manifestations in their lifetimes. Although it might seem to be a sort of a luck factor, if we look at it from an awareness perspective, it may not be so… Especially given that Universe operates with the same principle in all occurrences even at seemingly very unjust ones.

            As I mentioned in my earlier blogs, all of us have a different way of becoming aware of our problems

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, our solutions therefore our dream realizations. And each one of us has a different style and level of awareness. As an example, one might be fully aware and able to grasp why he/she is not able to keep up with long term relationships, on the other hand, might lack the awareness tools to recreate a new one, ideally a long lasting one.

            As I also mentioned in my book “Awareness: Your First Step to Re-Create your Life in Oneness”, most of the time we all are Reacting to events, rather than Creating them. This is evident in the way the words are written with letters R-E-A-C-T vs. C-R-E-A-T-E. You can notice that the letter E repeats in the second one. This way there are 2 Es in the word CREATE. Those Es are there for a reason. They represent the power of our Emotions in creating our own realities. Emotions usually signify a lot of things to us in our daily lives including work and personal. They could be signifying when something is not going right vs. the opposite. We usually talk about them by saying things like “I felt bad about this” or “I felt good about this”, or “I am sensing some negative emotions building up in me” vs. “I felt this positive thing was coming to my life”.

            Speaking in more practical terms, as an example, let’s say recently we have started to feel less joyful than usual, or even feeling sad or angry. This is something we should be paying attention to especially if this feeling or a negative emotional state endures. This could be an important sign about something in our lives which may not be going right and that we should attend to it sooner if not later. This thing might be in the area of relationships, work life or social life… It doesn’t really matter what category it belongs to. The important thing is it signifies something critical that needs to change or transform.

            For those who are in the journey of self-transformation, shutting down their minds and/or start meditating could seem to be the first step to start using awareness as a manifestation tool. However, before doing that, considering ‘what you are shutting down’ in the form of ideas, thoughts or negative emotions could as well be a much former step before that first step. What are those ideas that you are silencing? Do they have any significance in terms of content or message? If they are repeating, do you see any connections between their repeating cycle and a certain time or space in which they keep coming back?

Most people decide not to look at the mind’s troubling content since it usually is something that brings them pain or discomfort. Therefore, they decide to completely shut it off and name it a personal development practice towards the goal of ‘being peaceful’. However, many yet to realize how critical the content of a mind is to unveil the mysteries of one’s awareness. It is through deeper understanding of one’s hidden impulses, desires, fears, anxieties, worries, or wishes that awareness could be used as a tool, not as an end in itself.

In other words, before we start spending enormous effort in silencing our minds, zeroing in on mind’s content as ideas/thoughts however negative they might be, could as well be an imperative first step to use awareness as a manifestation tool. To put it simply, something that impedes your meditative practice could in fact be something that you need to look deeper into first.

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