Start with a Definition: Workable Examples

Do you know that through using the tool of awareness in the right way, you can both create the favorable and prevent the unfavorable outcomes in your life? Let me give you some examples:

Starting with favorable ones (from more specific to more general):

  • Passing an important exam successfully
  • Getting to a place on time
  • Completing a job interview successfully
  • Hearing from someone you are expecting a call for a while
  • Having a successful meeting with a client
  • Finally finding someone in love who is a wonderful match
  • Having a family and children
  • Getting promoted
  • Getting regular raises and earning good salary
  • Starting a successful business and so on. This list can go forever…

How about the unfavorable outcomes you’d like to avoid or wish they never happen:

  • Stuck in a heavy traffic on your way to a very important meeting/appointment
  • Having a traffic accident with minor or major injuries
  • Coming across somebody who wasn’t so nice to you and this ruined your whole day
  • Trip and fall on your way to school/work resulting in minor/major injuries
  • Having your wallet stolen while waiting in the train station
  • Getting a serious flu on an important day
  • Losing your job by getting fired/through downsizing/business being closed
  • Losing your important relationships (family/friends)
  • Having frequent illness symptoms (different body areas/parts)
  • Having chronic illnesses
  • Being bullied at work/school in different periods of your life

And this list can also go forever…


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, it might seem impossible and difficult to understand at first, but with using the awareness tool at the right way and the right time, you can create your desired experience and prevent the undesired experience.

In my earlier blog, I left you with this question: With your current awareness level, how do you define your problem/goal? And I said, definition is the first step. Why? Because only through the type of definition you can find the key to a solution. Let me give you an example:

Let’s say your problem is being depressed from time to time for no apparent reason and this has been like this almost all your life. If you define it the way I just did, then what would be the solution? It might be harder to answer as it seems very general and vague. How about if you happen to realize that you feel depressed usually when:

  • You are expecting something to happen and you either do not receive a positive result or there is no result

To go more specific:

  • You are in the period of your life where you are looking for a better job than you have right now, and you are applying to certain positions and you either receive rejection letters or you do not receive any news regarding your application.

To go even more specific:

  • You are in the media business for almost 15 years and it looks like a time has come for a change in responsibility level which your current company doesn’t seem to care about. And you are applying for jobs in the same industry however, despite your high experience level, it seems nothing is showing up for you as an opportunity.

My question: Which definition is easier to deal with in terms of awareness work?

Answer: Always shoot for being specific by operationally defining what your problem is. By operational definition, I basically mean try to exemplify your problem before trying to look for an awareness related solution.

Kayla Wholey, PhD.

Author of the book “Your First Step to Re-create Your Life in Oneness: Awareness”

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