Take Action to Really Transform your Life

Action is the step you need to take after you are aware of what is necessary and are able to accept it somehow. Action might include doing and also not doing. It can be active or passive. This is the step that seems very straightforward, but it is also one of the hardest ones to take. People can create numerous excuses not to take this step. Whatever needs to change, it will need to be replaced with a new feeling, thought, behavior, lifestyle, relationship, work, or leisure activity. Replacement requires a good amount of free energy. That amount is necessary because the individual feels some level of pain and discomfort when trying something new.

In general, people really like to be in control. Action is about giving it all up. Action is trusting what comes next. It carries a lot of risk and requires a lot of psychological effort. Action is about leaving your worrying ego behind. Action does not deal with what ifs or even ifs. Action is accepting what is and moving on. Action is leaving the past and future behind; action is being completely present. Action requires being fearless and hope-less. By hope-less, I mean that that there is no time to hope, and there is nothing else to look for in the future but to do it now. Action is also termed as behave. You need to be and then act and then have. Our famous be-do-have paradigm is rooted in the word be-have. You need to have a lot of ego, and you need to leave your ego at the same time. Action is like walking on a tightrope. It is dangerous, but you need to pass the bridge to go into the other side.

This step includes a lot of lifestyle change, especially after we complete the awareness and acceptance stages of what needs to change and how. The biggest drawback in this process is going into a mind trap that would try to victimize you by constantly saying, “What might go wrong, what might be a guaranteed way of doing this, or what might prove as useful or not useful?”.

And yes, this is a choice. When you are completely aware and

accept what needs to change, you start seeing it as a choice. When you decide to stop your dysfunctional living pattern and start doing something new, you can obviously see that it is you who do it and no one can do it for you. It is common to say, “How can I quit smoking? It is impossible!” or “How can I leave this job? Where will the money come from?” It is as if it is not our choice to continue that way. We feel and think it is out of our own capacity to do it.

Action is a tool at every step of life re-creation. When you are trying to change a thought, feeling, behavior, or living pattern, you use action to support your process, be it in awareness or acceptance. Therefore, action as a third step can be helping us out in any step. In other words, it functions in time which is circular. No matter how much awareness we have talked about, the change process always requires some level of action generation. As action exists in the endless present moment, its immense power is derived from the present itself. It is the action that keeps us energetic, alive, and open to what the universe can bring us in that moment of time and space.

Now what is the easiest action step to take?