Align with the Universe to Manifest your desires

After you have undertaken all three steps, it is now time to let the universe handle what comes next. You have let the big force, the power source, know that you are very clear on what you want and why you want it. You finally gave the message that you were ready, and you can look for the signs. They might be showing themselves as small opportunities, such as an email in your inbox or an unexpected phone call. The universe knows your soul, mind, and body are aligned. You are now living, thinking, saying, and feeling in harmony with each other. You started to stay in the moment, ready to receive life’s gifts by being in the receiving mode. You become surprised about how you started to attract things you desire to your daily life.

This enormous source of power can find its way through only when you are truly one within yourself and with the others. As the universe also operates through the oneness principle, the synchronicity that occurs between you two opens the door to endless sorts of creations. This, in other words, a key to re-creating your life in the way that you desire.

Now, how aligned are you in mind, body and soul to make it happen?