Looking At The Repeating Patterns In Your Life History To Solve The Puzzle

Re-creating your Life from scratch requires a lot of courage, understanding, acceptance and a deep analysis of yourself and your life, especially your life history. Yet it still feels like a very hard to solve jigsaw puzzle while you are trying to figure out how you ended up where you are, why you are struggling with some important life issues (relationships, money, health, career, general well-being) and in general, why you are the way you are today and why it seems so hard to fulfill your dreams at any area of life.

It is a very usual and common practice to go out for an outside help to find answers or even to be able to get access to some clues no matter how small that clue might be. All of us usually consult a psychologist

, a psychiatrist, a coach, an astrologist, or any other expert in the field of personal development.  And what is the first thing they do in the very first session? They basically ask about your life history, some important milestones, events that might have an impact on your being today. They ask you about your history to get a glimpse of who you are, your understanding of your own life, and, most importantly, to see any repeating patterns that might help them capture who you are today.

Why are repeating patterns so important to help us solve the puzzle?

The repeating patterns in any area, say relationships, career or in any of all life, are important basically because the way we perceive, understand, think about, feel and behave towards any life issue results in some occurrence which might be desirable or undesirable. And usually our very human-like tendency is to be able to repeat the desirable and prevent the undesirable.

Although those patterns might seem very random at first glance, when you sit down and really start studying your life in a chronology, you will eventually gain the ability to see the patterns which are not actually random but a very natural consequence of who you have been up until today.

What might be some negative examples of those patterns?

  • Relationship break-ups with friends or family or lovers/spouses
  • Physical illnesses that show up
  • Accidents that result in problematic daily functioning
  • Job losses or problems at any level of career ladder
  • Financial setbacks

On a positive level:

  • Social encounters that nourish you
  • Job offers from a desired area of work
  • New Relationships that usually work
  • Healing that happens in miraculous ways (physical, mental or emotional)
  • Synchronic and seemingly out of the blue events that lead to positive changes in your life

Many more examples can follow. The important thing here is, if you’d like to start solving yourself as a puzzle today and move on to the re-creation process, please start studying your life by looking at the repeating patterns. They have so much to say about your past, your present and your future while they are the key to taking awareness as a first step and to use awareness as a prevention, manifestation, or a coping tool.

Use awareness as a tool…

Kayla Wholey, PhD.

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