How to Use Action as a Transformative Tool

Let’s say you are completely aware of your whole situation, and you are also at good level of acceptance. So, what comes next? In my book “Awareness: Your First Step to Re-Create your Life in Oneness”, I talk about Action as a necessary step before you truly transform your life. Why is it necessary? Action as a step is utmost necessary because it involves all parts of your beingness. Action needs your Soul for energy, your Mind for the right method to choose, and your Body to do the action itself.

The reason Action is so powerful in terms of transforming your whole life is because of these 3 pillars working together. So, what is action really? Is it something we need to do or not to do? In many change processes and programs, we sometimes need to start doing things or stop doing them. As an example, when you would like to change your body weight for the healthier and for the better, you need to stop unhealthy eating and food consumption habits. At the same time, you may need to start a new exercise program that requires you to change your lifestyle a bit. Therefore, action might mean acting/doing or not acting/doing. Action might mean starting to do something, but it may also mean stopping to do something. This puts action into either a passive or an active stance.

As easy and to the point it may sound, my experience and observations with people so far have demonstrated that Action could be a hard step to take, sometimes even the hardest of all. And people can make countless excuses for not starting an action step no matter how painful/unbearable/stressful their life situation might be. Somehow starting that diet/exercise program or stopping to check an ex’s Instagram account is so hard…

The reason it might be so hard to take the action step would be the fact that whatever comes instead of the old habit/behavior needs a good deal of energy to start. The type of energy needed should be in good amount as well as being free and positive. It is when a person needs that type of energy the combination of mind-body-soul forces is necessary.

Again, let me explain by another example. Suppose you are in the stage of changing your career for something new that you like and love. You have done your awareness work related to how your old career path may not be working for you and you have accepted your own self which needs a change. This means you have done Steps 1 (awareness) & 2 (acceptance). But somehow you keep delaying searching that job site for a new job posting or calling your friend from your graduate school’s alumni network for an important professional connection. You have no idea why you keep delaying this action piece but keep feeling frustrating about yourself and your procrastination especially in this life area.

This is where mind-body-soul integration comes in. What are your thoughts that impede your action step? What are your feelings with regards to it? Are you indecisive and reluctant because you might think it will never work? Are you not taking action because you feel less motivated somehow? If any of your feelings (soul) or thoughts (mind) could be the obstacles along the way

, you might need to consider going back to your Steps 1&2 to see if there is anything that you might have missed in terms of awareness and/or acceptance.

Whatever I described above could be some of the reasons why action is the critical step in showing you where you are in terms of going forward or backward in your life transformation process. Even before you take it as a step, you can still use action as a transformational tool towards life re-creation.

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