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7 Mar 2011

Woman Empowerment on the Women’s Day

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Friends,

As of March 8, we will be celebrating another Women’s Day. Related to the importance of this day, I would like to talk a bit about the critical position the women have on the current situation of the world in general.

As we all know, women represent the “female energy” usually defined with being in touch with feelings, care, concern and compassion with the others. Female energy also means letting go, trusting the process of things, and acceptance of what is.

This type of energy is very much needed for the world today. We have pollution problems, violence, killing, famine, hunger, brutality, financial burdens…in all areas of the globe. The reason for these problems is not limited resources, or limited reason, but how we make use of them. If we use them just for our own selfish needs, our achievement needs, and for making profit only; without caring about the results of how we do it, the above list goes on and on.

As we defined female energy, we also need to define male energy which is, doing things, getting results, being action-oriented, ruling, managing, in short, putting things together in place. The reason why we have buildings, systems, rules, regulations, countries, governments, and all that is because of the dominance of the male energy.

But it is the imbalance between the female and the male energy that creates dysfunction. This is also true for our own selves. If we have those two forces imbalanced within us, we are not able to feel happy, would suffer financial problems combined with problems in physical health.

So what to do for our world on the Women’s Day?

We need to come together more as one with the male energy, meaning, we need to be more assertive, more action-oriented, and more organized, result-oriented as women. In short, we need to balance the two.

Happy Women’s Day…


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2 Responses to “Woman Empowerment on the Women’s Day”

  1. It great Duysal. You have provided the clear vision to change the world and to make it a better place to live. Here in the East we always insist on the position of women as a goddesses but we had never thought of like you did; the balance is inevitable.


    Dhani Ram Yogi

  2. Thank you for the comment Dhani Ram. It is important to hear this especially from a male friend. For a more positive change in this world… let’s be it and do it.



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