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29 Aug 2013

Travel Report: New York

Posted by groupofchange

New York… New York… So much has already been said and done about the city and my intention is not to write which has already been written so many times: Most famous city in the world, Over-crowded, Attractive, Beautiful, Cosmopolitan, Multi-cultural… All true about the city which I have visited more than 10 times in my lifetime. And each time I visited, I discover something very new about it, as there is so much to learn from the city itself, while the city is so busy to learn from you:)

The multi-culturalism helps with the Oneness spirit to grow in the city. Everybody came from a different place… in the past, this city was the immigration port where all different personalities landed to realize their dreams. Who came here? Who are those people who have crossed the Atlantic saying goodbye to their homelands and their families and friends at home… what kept them coming and coming… What did they desire and wanted to pursue?

I think those were, first and foremost, courageous people, people who loved freedom and chasing after their dreams more than anything. They were so centered in their individuality that the “bonds, the ties, all that which is so hard to cope emotionally” has been replaced with “goal orientation, achievement, personal development…and so on”. And New York, the hub of all those desires and wishes coming to fruit in time… May be that is why you feel so inspired, energetic and positive when in NY!

As we already know by now, Oneness requires self-love, acceptance of other cultures, positive communication..etc.; but it also requires consideration and acting according to that consideration. It is not only in the behaviors of people around you, but it also has to demonstrate itself in symbols, signs, the traffic, the language, and whatever that reflects the culture. For a basic example let’s take the NY subway. Everybody knows it, don’t they? Usually it is not hard to figure out the subway if you study it a bit. However, sometimes even the signs assume that you know what is for what is like “Columbus Circle is actually the Stop for Central Park or Uptown is the area of the Times Square, not the Downtown:) right?” ¬†And NY, compared to its multicultural roots, is also strong in high individuality, therefore, separation. Oneness requires a delicate balance between individuality and collectivism so let’s look at how NY scores:

  1. Warmth by people towards foreigners-Absolutely true. You can see a stranger saying “Hi” to you in a friendly manner in NY and the fact that you are foreigner is something the inhabitants are very used to for centuries.
  2. Helping behavior-depending on the situation, on the venue and the person with whom you are trying to speak to.
  3. Not feeling as a foreigner inside the city-This is evident as everybody is and once was a foreigner.
  4. Communicate with you for your needs and concerns-Depends on who you run into.
  5. All of us are treated as equals-Exactly.

This makes 4 points out of 5 for NY…

Go for Oneness NY!



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