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8 Jan 2012

Travel Report: Vienna

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Friends…

I have visited Vienna for the New Year’s holiday and I have to say, this city is more than a historical, medieval one, it is full of tranquility, peace and dignity.


As is the case, at this time of the year the city is full of tourists, and as in many Metropolitan cities, the public is very much used to the foreigners going around asking questions and taking pictures; as I did not see any offense by any Viennese in that matter.

Including acceptance of other cultures, another remarkable thing is that the people are not very much into consumption. You do not see big malls, shops or chain restaurants, but small and very few ones. What you see as plenty is historical streets, monuments and works of art, including music. Viennese do not seem to spend too much time on consuming goods, but more on spending time with themselves, their hobbies and family & friends. In today’s world where the huge economic suffering has its roots in vast amounts of consumption, Vienna is an example of the opposite.

I had a previous perception about Austrians as being cold and distant, including their effort not to be anywhere close to a Turkish. But my experience rendered it completely invalid as Vienna was full of inhabitants who were very helpful and warm.

The peace surrounding the city is very evident as ¬†you feel so much history blended in such a harmonic way with life today and I think it is the individuals’ inner satisfaction and tranquility that vibrates around the town.

You do not feel tired in Vienna no matter how much you walk or visit. The city is at peace with itself.

I will now go into outlining the Oneness ratings for Vienna (I am not including Austria as a whole as my experience involves only the city):

  1. Warmth
  2. Helping behavior when you ask for it including spending the time to help you solve the problem at hand (in our case, finding the way:)
  3. I did not feel like a complete stranger at all
  4. Communicate according to a tangible reason
  5. Not much superiority except one or two incidents which can be ignored compared to the majority of encounters

This makes close to 5 points for Vienna.

I recommend everyone to visit in their own times. Especially Freud’s house, Mozart house, and Stephanplatz are remarkable…

Going around in Oneness…


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