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8 Nov 2016

Travel Report: Rome

Posted by Kayla Wholey


If there is only one thing to say about Rome, I would just say, Rome is love and love is Rome. The city’s enchanting atmosphere not only comes from centuries of cultures, lives, and artists expressing themselves with such creative aspect, but from its lovely people as well. In general Italians are very warm-hearted and so friendly. Especially as you go down south, you experience this more. I’ve been to this beautiful city three times and I am hoping to visit more often in the not so distant future. I feel so mesmerized as I wonder through the streets full of rough cobblestone pavements. The old monuments, historical restaurants and majestic churches all reflect the beauty and art at every single step you take while walking around with excitement.

The Romans… As if very much aware of their strong roots in terms of the Roman empire, everyone you come across reflect that sort of sophistication, cultural depth and especially concern for another human being. You can ask a Roman anything almost anytime, they are especially helpful when you need directions, or if you need to find a special romantic pizza restaurant, or even if you are kind of lost around all that history.

The city has so much to offer for your body, mind and soul. You can eat the most delicious food, you can fill up your intellectual senses with all that historical background, and you feel so happy without an apparent reason. It just feels that way. In short, the city nurtures your whole beingness in remarkable ways.

Coming to Oneness Behavior categories:

Warmth by people towards foreigners-already mentioned this. A big plus.
Helping behavior-Definitely.
Not feeling as a foreigner-Exactly.
Communicate with you for your needs and concerns-Yes they do.
All of us are treated as equals-All for one, one for all-for Romans.

This makes big five star points for Rome where past-present and the future coincide with unity all over…

For the land of love…In Oneness.


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