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23 Nov 2010

Travel Report: Prague

Posted by groupofchange

Dearest Friends on the Road…

From now on, I would also like to share some of my experiences during my travels. This idea originally belongs to Dr. Ichak Adizes who is a well-known guru on Management.

This time, I was away for a vacation to Prague and I have to say, Prague is a wonderful city with so many multi-national visitors. Because of its highly attracting quality, the residents of the city are very much used to talking and helping foreigners who are either asking the directions or needing help to understand a word written in Czech. At this season the city is usually dark after 4pm but the buildings and the surroundings are so beautifully illuminated that you do not even realize the disadvantage of the weather.

For my travel notes, I have to say, there was no one who did not help us when we asked something and they always smiled. This was very good to experience. And the cleanliness of the spaces including bathrooms-given the high tourist population-was remarkable. Usually it is the toilets that are neglected in small cafes and shops, but it is not the case in Prague.

The city is so much surrounded by Religion and Music. You can see mid-day, evening and night concerts available in many places. However, the understanding of God has mostly remained in the buildings and it does not exist in the culture as much; since we have found out that nearly 90 percent of the Czech population is Atheist. Many single living compared to couples and less children on the streets. In short, life lived as is, without society’s usual restrictions.

In the country’s history, the Lobkowicz family has a big influence. And the family is also very multi-cultural with Spanish origin nobles joining as part of certain marriages. Although the noble family idea does not exist anymore today, I mean politically, Czech people respect the past and therefore the castle and the museum belonging to the family is very well preserved. Keeping the past and present together in harmony this way demonstrates a sign of dignity.

I would also like to include some psychological points regarding my perceptions of Prague people: First is Meticulousness as related to cleanliness mentioned above. Second is Punctuality-Respecting time. Third is, Respect. And fourth is, knowing how to Appreciate (at the end of the Blacklight theatre show, we could see the director of the show also to appear on the stage several times-amazing-usually we never see the person on that role except his or her picture in black white).

I am recommending you to see the city whenever you get the chance.

With love, joy and beauty…


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