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29 Aug 2013

Travel Report: Prague, Czech Republic

Posted by groupofchange

Prague for me has been a city of visit several times for the holidays and conferences. The second time I’ve been there I attended the 2nd Global Conference on Spirituality, Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy for presenting a paper on “Teaching the Grade School Teachers a way to create a Transformational and Spiritual Training Program”. The two times I’ve been in Prague I had a chance to observe and to try to understand the behaviors of Czech people, how they live, talk, and relate…including how they react to certain things.
Prague is a “city of tales”, looking and feeling so old, full of history… too many historical buildings and statues…including the famous “Charles Bridge” where people demonstrate their talents… their works of art… the bridge is also full of historical monuments having all different meanings. One of them is the “abundance monument” where you can touch a certain area and wish for abundance in your life. The other is about a prisoner captured in an Ottoman prison with an Ottoman guardian waiting by the gate… a horrifying scene for the Europeans which in the past had many wars with the Ottoman Empire (former Turkey).
Including all those historical scenes, there is the center area and the famous “Astrological Clock Tower” that brings people together for celebration and clapping ceremony each hour.  The four figures in the clock are set in motion while they represent four things that were despised at the time of the clock’s making. From left to right in the photographs, the first is Vanity, represented by a figure admiring himself in a mirror. Next, the miser holding a bag of gold represents greed or usury. Across the clock stands Death, a skeleton that strikes the time upon the hour. Finally, the Turk tells pleasure and entertainment (!) (from Wikipedia ). Here you can feel Oneness energy so much because there are so many people coming together for this show from all different parts of the world, all different races and nationalities. This goes on day and night in Prague and the city becomes so impressive after the sun goes down. It is amazing how great the lighting is… you feel like you are in a different time, different world. Especially lighting is very important for Prague since the sun goes down after 4 PM during fall and winter times.
Now let’s look at Prague in terms of Oneness Behaviors:
  1. Warmth by people towards foreigners-depends on who you run into. There are those who are wonderful to approach, and those who are not very friendly towards foreigners (0,5 points)
  2. Helping behavior (usually received help if asked someone in a proper way and making sure they know English)
  3. Not feeling as a foreigner inside the country-(impossible as many things are in Czech language and if you are not in a historical area, you might have a hard time understanding the words)
  4. Communicate with you for your needs and concerns-yes but may or may not listen fully so 0,5 points
  5. All of us are treated as equals-almost there.

Prague receives 2,75 for the Oneness behavior points. Again, these are restricted to observations in about 4-5 days and can not be generalized to the whole nationality and the culture.

In terms of uniting the past, present and the future, Prague leans mostly on the past… while trying to reach out to the present day with its efforts in certain areas of living.

With love… in Oneness for Prague.


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