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10 Sep 2011

Travel Report: Napoli

Posted by groupofchange

Dear friends,

It has been a long time since I have written a travel report. But this time I will write about different venues back to back. You may even start to wonder if I did something else this summer other than travelling. But these were mostly short trips for 4-5 days and 1 week the most. But the time was surely adequate to understand and grasp very important aspects of the people and the culture surrounding them.

In the beginning of August, I went to Napoli, including the Capri Island and then a full ride at the Amalfi Coast. I have to say, the beauty surrounding those two places is impeccable and the people… there is some much to say about them starting with the adjective: So beautiful inside.

Warm People in Napoli

From the day you arrive at Napoli, till the day you leave, you can not help fall in love with the people. There are so many reasons. Of course love should be unconditional, and by reason I do not mean loving conditionally but let’s say there are strong bases for that love to occur immediately.

First, you can always approach a Neapolitan without a second thought as they are so open to communication. Second, you can always find that comfort in asking for help. In some societies, especially in those very Individualistic ones, you probably go and approach someone after a third or fourth thought because of the cold energy that you feel in between. In Napoli, you do not feel the other as the “other”, but as someone from your family.

In addition to the friendliness and warmth, you get a lot of support from an Italian in this southern area. Needs of support can go in many levels from asking the name of the place to getting directions. And fulfilling that need varies from just answering to running after you to tell you and to help you more about what you are searching for. What is being said may or may not be the solution, or the true answer:), but the amount of effort is amazing.

From now on, I’d like to give “Oneness Ratings” for the local people I encounter during my visits. ┬áBy Oneness Rating I will use some common criteria regarding my experience in that culture. Those criteria are:

  1. Warmth (felt by smiles, sense of humor, and the energy of the people)
  2. Effort to Help (May or may not lead to the right answer or a solution but the effort counts)
  3. Treating you not as a foreigner but of one’s own family (Tries to understand what you are saying, gives you full attention, does not say “No” immediately or shake the head)
  4. Communicate no matter what (does not turn head away, does not ignore but show interest)
  5. Does not sound or behave like he or she is superior (With the communication style, with bending forward, with true interest in you as a person not as an alien)

That makes 5 points.

For Napoli and the surrounding areas, considering a visit for 5 days:

I give 5 out of 5.

I’ll be back Napoli…

With love in Oneness…


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