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29 Aug 2013

Travel Report: Moscow, Russia

Posted by groupofchange

Moscow is another city full of strong past and history. The evidence of the past and the energy that comes with it is very evident all around the town. The Red Square, the Kremlin… St. Basil… all that reminds us of the noble heritage and strong ties with religion.

I was there for the 6th European Conference on Positive Psychology to present a paper on Oneness Behavior and Self-Awareness. And I have to say… Moscow is an amazing city, so big and so charming day and night… with a huge subway connecting many areas with one another. It is impossible not to be overwhelmed by the huge population and the metropolitan spirit of one of the largest cities in the world.

The people… and the culture… Let’s start with the language issues. The Russian Alphabet needs to be studied before you step into the city as everything that is being communicated is with this alphabet. This is kind of not easy and not a considerate approach for the other cultures and nationalities. Let alone the language, the marks and signs that make up one word make things more complicated and therefore, from a oneness standpoint, this is not “taking into consideration of the others”. The people… mostly turned inwards… to their own world, even in this big metropolitan city. Everyone seems to be living their life in their own terms and because this is a very expensive city, they are mostly trying to save the day and stay on top of the game.

Let’s go into the Oneness Behavior categories:

  1. Warmth by people towards foreigners-not very likely including the fact that being a foreigner might mean being open to “charged double or three times” the price for a cab, or for something you might buy as a souvenir.
  2. Helping behavior (even though you ask for it, you may not get it-you may even get the wrong information as not all people know English in Moscow)
  3. Not feeling as a foreigner inside the country-(you can not help but feel it each time as you do not understand anything)
  4. Communicate with you for your needs and concerns-you’d better try on your own.
  5. All of us are treated as equals-as this is a cosmopolitan city, you do not feel discrimination or as if you are a minority since it is too crowded and many people are living together here.
As for the points, not much more than 1,5 points in total for Moscow. Although Moscow has a communist past, it did not put people into a place of oneness or sharing, probably tied to the fact that there are so many problems people need to deal with individually (finding a job, decent income, good standards of living…etc.) yet.
All for Oneness in Moscow.


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