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17 Sep 2011

Travel Report: Los Angeles (The City of Angels)

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Friends,

As I said in the beginning, I have many travels to report towards the end of this summer. And I am continuing with Los Angeles, the city I accidentally (!) visited and also fell in love…

As for many, Los Angeles is a city of Celebrities, the Hollywood, the lights and the show business… But the city has so much energy that I think it is a mistake to label the city as just the scene for the actors and actresses. The LA county is much more than that.

The culture… so metropolitan, so full of acceptance of other cultures… very welcoming and warm people… You can see smiling faces all over…The rules and regulations are important but not so prevalent when you come across the crazy drivers-very impatient when in traffic-so like Napoli in that regard. You see a different America and a different American there… You see a lot of freedom spirit…etc.

The creativity and the entrepreneurial psychology is felt everywhere in almost every corner… You can understand the history was made with those people in LA… the free mind, body and soul…

Regarding Oneness Ratings, I see:

  1. Warmth
  2. Effort to Help (not necessarily an effort, but helping comes out if you ask for it)
  3. Treating you not as a foreigner but of one’s own family (Exactly, as everyone in LA is a foreigner at some point-many Mexicans, Spanish origin, and many Koreans-Chinese…etc.)
  4. Communicate no matter what (changes from person to person-not embedded in the culture, but can happen according to whom you meet)
  5. Does not sound or behave like he or she is superior (Absolutely, Everyone is very equal in LA)

This makes almost 4,5 points for Oneness Ratings.

Beautiful City, Beautiful County, and Beautiful People.

With love and awareness…


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