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10 Sep 2011

Travel Report: London (One Day)

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Travelers of the Personal Development Journey,

As I said in my previous blog, I will writing many travel reports this week and now I will write a brief report about London a very metropolitan and global city standing on its own. London was only a mandatory stop on the way to US because of Hurricane Irene disabling all flights to New York.

I had never been in London before, but I have heard so much about it. Unfortunately, I could only see part of the day and the night. From the first glance, London has a planned outlook like the US. The way the streets and roads are built, reminded me of the US and there I realized how much US borrowed the system from the UK culture. Using a term fromĀ Adizes, shortly, London has a big A (Administrative culture) meaning that rules and policies are very strict and they are more important than individual people’s desires or needs.

Coming to encounters with London people, not very much in number, but I had a chance to experience asking for help to many people as there was an emergency, and many unplanned moves on our part. Unfortunately, let alone receiving help, it was a harsh and unpleasant experience to try to talk to someone. Let me explain:

  • There was hardly an effort (or an interest at all) to understand our situation
  • I felt the superiority of the other as opposed to me as a person from another culture (Turkish), a developing country for sure(!) by seeing the correspondent not looking at me directly and turning to the other side when I tried to explain something
  • Whatever the request was, the answer was always “No”.
  • There was no interest in terms of communicating more to better understand the situation
  • The answers, if given, were all wrong regarding offering a solution.
  • Service… ah! Don’t tell me about that… The stress of the hostesses probably led them to be more rude than ever, but as I see it, London does not have a culture of serving the other in a loving way.

One exception: I had only one encounter when I met someone who had actually worked in Turkey for a while, and there I felt a lot of sympathy towards me, the guy gave me a ticket to train which he longer wanted to use (that was a considerable help and very much of a oneness behavior). As much as I want to tie this to being acquainted with our culture, this was one example out of 7 encounters.

The Oneness Rating I give for London 1 out 5.

Will I visit London again? May be not in the near future, but later, for sure, London is great at night…

With love in Oneness….


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