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29 Aug 2013

Travel Report: Cos Island

Posted by groupofchange

Cos is a beautiful Greek Island where Hippocrates was born and raised, was trained at the first known medical center in the world:  Asklepieion.  First and foremost, Cos amazes me because despite its small size, it is one of the most historical sites in the world, attracting millions of tourists from all over. It is an island, where, the father of medicine has lived and taught his practice to his students by the Hippocrates Tree which I also had a chance to see and visit.

Cos Island is full of people with smiles and happiness. People so natural and genuine. People who love what they do and what they present. In spite of the fact that the Greeks have conflictual history with Turks, I have to say, I did not feel any resentment or an opposite reaction towards myself, in fact, I felt the opposite.

Greeks in Cos can help you out if you are lost, they would smile at you if you are looking for something. While knowing the truth about their worldwide heritage and fame, you do not feel any superiority being imposed on you while you are finding your way at the streets of Cos. Although Turks and Greeks are known for their battles, it is also very surprising to see how similar both cultures are in their daily practices, way of relating and communicating. Friendly, fast talks, jokes and laughs fill up the communication.

Coming to Oneness Behavior categories:

  1. Warmth by people towards foreigners-very evident.
  2. Helping behavior-you can surely get help if you ask, if you do not ask, you may or may not depending on who you run into.
  3. Not feeling as a foreigner inside the country-Completely
  4. Communicate with you for your needs and concerns-sure!
  5. All of us are treated as equals-exactly.

This makes almost 5 points for Cos. I think Hippocrates left a great heritage here. You can fee healing and the oneness energy all over.

For the land of Hippocrates… in Oneness.


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