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8 Nov 2016

Travel Report: Athens

Posted by groupofchange

Athens… Probably the oldest city in the world. I think its history very much dominates the city regarding what it has to offer the visitors. The history blended with the mythology concerning Gods and Goddesses inevitably reminds us of our ancient past as humans. The people of Athens are generally very nice and welcoming although their current economic situation might have led to feeling a bit depressed at times. They still enjoy life to its fullest, the night life is still very active and you can easily see that “work” is not the priority for Athenians.

The city is not large compared to other capitals or metropolitans in other countries. There are certain places that you can easily visit in a day or two. Monastraki, Plaka, and Gazi are usually among those favorite areas. To me it looks like Athenians like to experience life more than what it has to offer in terms of physical resources such as houses, cars and fancy clothes. Seeing, tasting, dancing, talking (long conversations are common) are more important compared to earning money, buying a new car, and a new house. Although they probably would like to earn more, it also looks like they are happy with what they have so far.

When we look at the behaviors of Oneness, there are visible examples:

1. Warmth by people towards foreigners-Definitely a yes.
2. Helping behavior-Yes very easily observed.
3. Not feeling as a foreigner inside the country-Except the Greek alphabet, you can feel at home:)
4. Communicate with you for your needs and concerns-Yes, even though they may not understand you, they try to!
5. All of us are treated as equals-YES.

This makes 4,99 points for Athens.

To the land of Zeus…In Oneness.


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