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5 Oct 2010

Your First Step in Creating the Life You Love!

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Friends on the Road of Personal Change and Development,

Welcome to the platform of Change and Transformation. I am hoping you will all enjoy this process where you will be able to find answers to your questions about problems, solutions and life…

We all have obstacles while we are walking in the path of life including relationship problems, career problems, physical problems or problems in our daily lives… As an example, sudden accidents that happen like a computer crash while trying to complete a project, kid breaking your favorite item at home, a skunk that appears in your back yard…or a pet that wets the floor…

In short… anything that happens in life can be perceived as a problem by an individual… But, from my point of view, problems are there to be solved or to be perceived as development steps towards more growth.

Aside from our problems, we also have desires and wishes in life. Although they might seem very distant while we are in the middle of problems, they are in fact reachable, if we know how to approach them.

Approaching problems from a growth stance, and approaching wishes from a creation angle…

This will be the key to our success in life.

So let’s start with our first step in creating the life we love… By joining The Group of Change.

With love and awareness…

Duysal Aşkun Çelik, PhD.

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