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20 Dec 2017


Posted by groupofchange

Dear Readers, Followers and Members of Group of Change,

Whatever life circumstance we are all in, the new year always brings with it new possibilities with new thoughts and reflections… As a traveler on the journey of life re-creation, all of us have at least one part of our lives which we’d like to change, renew or re-create… Whatever that is, think about it as belonging to either one or more of the below:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul

When we talk about changes at the mind level, we talk about our thoughts, attitudes, automatic/recurrent thinking patterns, disturbing memories, clarity in mental activity…etc. When we talk about changes at the body level, we are referring to changes in our daily activities, time and energy we spend for our bodies (physical exercise, changes in eating habits…), and the amount of time we spend experiencing the present with our physical senses. Finally, changes at the level of soul mean changes in our feelings, energy levels, amount of fear that we experience and felt confusion about who we are and where we are heading in life.

However, I must also admit that It is very common and easy to say it compared to actually doing it-the changes I mean. There are countless stories of people having strong intentions for change for the new year but only a few of them really get their hands on it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Why is it so hard to really do it?

The reason is simple and straightforward. Intentions are usually carried out at the mind level, meaning that we intend for change with our thoughts only. It is a good idea to change certain things in our life which clearly do not work so it remains as a good idea without an implementation. For a real change implementation, we need to intend with our whole being, including all three actively participating: Mind, Body and Soul. This means we need to think about the changes, really want them to happen (soul) while having positive feelings and get our bodies into real action. Without the collaboration of all three we can not fulfill our desires for the new year or the next year. It only transfers as a repeating wish for the years to come.

For the time we have before the new year, I am inviting you to make a list of changes you’d like to make and categorize where you think the change belongs to. As I mentioned, it could be all three, two or just one. The important thing is to classify it first and then try to look at which area of implementation (mind-soul-body) you are mostly having a problem. If you feel unsure about your method or about what you find out, please drop me an email and I will help you remove the blocks.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all…

In Oneness…



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