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10 Nov 2010

Relationships: What are they telling us?

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Friends on the Road…

This week, I wanted to focus on “Relationship Problems” which come at all sorts… Between Lovers, Spouses, Friends, Family members, Peers, Managers and their Subordinates…etc. Whoever these problems are experienced between, they all have one thing in common: They make us feel bad.

First of all, we all need to understand that Relationships are just reflections of “Our Personal Relationships with our Own Selves”.

Let me explain it further by saying that relationship with our personal selves shows itself as our daily endeavours, how we treat our bodies, what we think about during the day including how much we think, how we feel regarding our own selves and about the events that we come across, the career choice that we make and if we like what we do, and, more importantly, the level of judgment that we have inside… including the level of guilt.

These are few examples about relationship within the self. And, how does that apply to our relationships outside? Where is the link?

As for the Law of Oneness in the universe, there is nothing that is separate from us. And we are those kind of beings who are attracting what is like us. This is the Law of Attraction. Therefore, we are creating our relationships outside by what is going on inside.

How to test this? Please look at someone very close to you and how that person treats you. And then look at if you are treating in the same manner to your own self. To do that you will need to abstract what is happening outside to a concept or a pattern inside. You will see many similarities.

With awareness, love and joy…


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