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8 Dec 2010

Our Relationship with Time

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Friends on the Road,

Today, I want to talk a bit about our relationship with Time which is a concept that can be very neglected but also can create so many problems in our lives.

  • Do you find yourself always in a rush while trying to fulfill everyday tasks?
  • Do you always complain about “lack of enough time”?
  • Or, do you not know “What to do with your available time” and trying to figure out the best way to use it?
  • Are you one of those people who can spend so much time with the current daily demands that you never can create that valuable time for tasks that support your vision?
  • Do you usually say “If I had time, I would do…”.

Many more questions like this can follow. The important thing to know is, it is all about our perception of time.

As with other sources in life, such as money, talent, people, relationships, space…etc., we need to acknowledge that Time is a resource on its own. And it is usually perceived as being very “scarce”, as if it is something that is used up by others, external demands, and that nothing is left there for us to benefit from personally.

Our child needs attention, our partners, friends, family… need our time. And we can never figure out how time passes by… It is as if someone takes it, and does not give any of it in return.

What we do forget in all this is that, when we give out our time, we choose to give it to a person-task-issue or a meeting in a certain amount and at a certain way. Whenever we feel others do take it from us, we should always remember that it is our own preference regarding those above. It is when we forget our responsibility for our choice that we start to complain.

What to do? Not spend any time with anyone and just focus on our own agenda first? No. It is knowing when to put it first and when to put it as second. In cases of emergency, there is no other choice… but not all of it is an emergency we know for sure.

When you feel every call you get is an emergency, please consider your own personality might be the real cause of the problem thus your perception of things. When you feel you can postpone some of the things for later and start to Create-Not Spend-Time for your own goals and intentions, you are starting to manage it.

With love and awareness…


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