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4 Nov 2010

Do I Know my Potential?

Posted by groupofchange

Dearest Friends on the Road…

This week our topic is “Exploring our Potential” and what to do with it afterwards.

Everyone of us has a potential inside. We are actually born with that potential. You might have read that in many books and articles. But what happens is that we lose or in a way un-learn that potential as we grow up. We do that because of outside influences, because of living with the “Mind” all the time, thinking and doing things constantly with the fear of losing time or money… etc. Right now, it is believed that almost 99% of the world population are not living to their potentials but mostly fears. In short, what life offers them, not what they offer life.

Let me go more descriptive here… What is living my potential? Actually what does my potential mean really?

Potential comes from “Your True Being” which can “Create not Replicate” wonderful things. These things can be books, projects, business, artwork, music, buildings, research, a new way of living,… etc. And that potential can only come out when you are in a truly “silent and peaceful state” -the state before you were born and after you die basically.

For that to also come out, you will need to un-learn and actually forget what you have learned which is: “Do what is available, Do that gives immediate results, Do that which is necessary for others (not you) right now”. And this is not easy because it requires thinking differently, therefore bearing loneliness at least for a while, and also moving on in spite of the pain, the intrusions, the fears, the “you should not do this”s, and even being broke sometimes… In other words, all of that which your ego needs to survive.

For your potential, you need to move on without listening to others, and basically without unproductive/intrusive thinking…

One day if/when you accomplish living it fully… Wonderful things are there for you in life… Joy, Endless Energy, Pure Love, Abundance (not only money but people, tools or whatever you might need to fulfill your potential along the way) and many more…

So, are you ready for the ride?

With love, joy and abundance…


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2 Responses to “Do I Know my Potential?”

  1. I see a lot of interesting posts here. Bookmarked for future referrence.



  2. Thank you for your comments…Glad to be helpful.

    With best..



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