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18 Feb 2018

How Love can be Institutionalized: What happened in Florida on Valentine’s Day

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Readers and Followers of Group of Change,

This week has been terrifying. By the time everyone in the US and around the world were celebrating the Valentine’s Day, we all were shocked with the terrible news about the mass shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida. Many young people and their families were affected, while media left many unanswered questions behind, as usual.

As this country has been used to hearing horrible stories about mass shootings, mass killings and related crimes, it is still a public concern whether there is a possibility to prevent these types of outcomes in the society. While talking about what happened and how it happened might sound like a very usual narrative, it is another story and may be another type of narrative why it is all happening.

And, how this all ties to Awareness and Oneness is a completely different narrative.

I suggest starting by identifying the awareness issues of the whole story that involves past, present and the future altogether as one:

  • There has been signs of problematic behavior by the shooter like stalking, killing animals, showing off guns. This has been witnessed by different parties such as students, school administration, and other observers around.  However, the emergency of the situation/behavior/approach was not truly realized and was not acted upon.
  • The mother of the shooter has called the police several times to make serious warning signals for the troubled son. However it wasn’t enough a signal to prevent the boy from buying guns.
  • The shooter was an expelled student from the same school because of his apparent violent behavior. This, by all means, requires a follow-up as troubled behavior is usually an antecedent of future troubled behaviors which might have varying levels of influence.
  • Finally, as a policy, buying guns in the US does not hold enough restrictions to prevent these types of occurences as we see in gun control and gun rights. Are policy makers really aware of the related consequences?

As we look at the story, there is a past, present (shooting) and future aspects to it. The past obviously held a lot of opportunities for awareness that could obviously lead to action by the responsible authorities. The future also holds many opportunities for prevention of further crimes by looking at the current policies and practices today from an awareness standpoint.

If each party had been aware to a certain extent, and if they could take some preventive actions related to that awareness, last Wednesday would just be a day for Valentines, nothing else.

Unless awareness is followed by related actions, the puzzle is incomplete.

If we remain oblivious to our surroundings, including signals, calls, warnings, we are leaving ourselves and others at serious risk for many negative consequences.

I invite all of you to consider your awareness in relation to your surroundings.

In Oneness…



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