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26 Oct 2010

Halloween Day is approaching: On Welcoming Our Fears

Posted by groupofchange

Dearest Friends on the Road of Personal Evolution and Development,

As Halloween Day is approaching, I wanted to talk about our Fears.

Fear is the emotion that keeps us away from many things including:

  • Knowing and Accepting of who we are
  • Dreaming and Wishing
  • Fulfillment of our Desires and Acting on them

Fear, as is always defined as an end-result of “negative thinking”, also includes “negative feeling and behaving”. When you think negative you can automatically feel and behave negative, but the opposite is also true. Sometimes, because of a vibrative element, a physical condition or an enviromental influence, we may directly feel and behave negatively without even giving it a thought. Therefore, we end up with “negative beingness” which manifests itself as “being fearful” all the time.

This might seem to create a vicious circle in our daily lives, but it is not insurmountable. If we accept the fact that we are the only creator of our fears and that fear is not a result of what will happen in the future, or something which is inevitably coming, we are then ready to overcome it. In addition, understanding where fear is coming from (thought-behavior or emotion) would also help us manage it.

So, to be able to overcome it, first welcome it…

Happy Halloween…:)

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3 Responses to “Halloween Day is approaching: On Welcoming Our Fears”

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  2. Dear Friend, these writings are also written as blogs, and they are going to be kept as permanent in this site. If you want, you can save the link by copying on the browser and keep it. That is the easiest way to do it.

    Thank you for your interest for the article…

    With love and awareness…




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