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28 Nov 2010

On Giving and Receiving:Thanksgiving!

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Friends,

I would like to send my best Thanksgiving wishes for all those who are celebrating and taking a vacation time this weekend.

In this period every year, many of us are getting together with our families, having joyful meals with turkey… and, mostly communicating with our loved ones.

Related with this special time, today I’d like to talk about the issue of “Giving and Receiving” in our lives. Those are the two important and critical concepts that can get us into so much trouble and but can bring so much joy at the same time.

For those of you who might say: I can’t seem to bring enough financial abundance into my life, I do not have supporting friends, My family is not here for me, I do not have a sustainable life… or I have many health problems… Have to say, a lot of these problems are related to being open to giving and receiving. In short, our channels being open to taking/giving what we want or have and giving away that we don’t want, or, that is in excess.

First of all, let us start with what means by giving and what means by receiving. What is it that we give, and what is that we receive? Giving or receiving can be both material and spiritual. I mean, they can be things that we can see with the naked eye, or things that we do not see but feel. In any case, giving and receiving are not the opposites of each other… They point different directions in an energy exchange. You can either be on the one end, or you can be on the other. It doesn’t matter as long as you can be on both sides in a balanced amount of time.

In a daily life, start by seeing if there are things that you can give which are in excess or not needed; in addition things that you’d like to share with the others which is another form of giving. And, start looking at your blocks in receiving. As an example, how do you react when you receive a surprise gift? or when your friend wants to pay for the lunch this time? Do you immediately reject or easily accept it?

Related to health problems… I’ve seen many who are not choosing to share what they are experiencing (in a fulfilling way) with the others…and then having pains in their throats…or having headaches-stomach aches because of too much stuff stuck inside. This is an imbalance in terms of giving.

These are some little examples that I can give at the moment. But it is more important for us to realize the imbalance first, and then go forward to see its cause: Which direction is it coming from?

With love, awareness and oneness…


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One Response to “On Giving and Receiving:Thanksgiving!”

  1. Glad to hear you’ll have shows again I wish I could be one of the audiences too…unfortunately, I ctelrnury in HK and it’s impossible to go Japan during peak season…I sincerely hope your shows to be a great performance to the audiences and a great success to yourself…



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