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20 Dec 2010

It’s Christmas! Time to be Home and Relax…

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Friends on the Road…

Christmas time is coming and we are getting ready to enter a Holiday period. This is the period where families get together, re-unite or celebrate… At this time, things might also surface from the past, while also things have a chance to heal… It depends on how you handle what is in there…

Merry Christmas-Time for Yourself

First and foremost, this is the time for you to relax, to be at home with yourself; meaning that, to have the time to connect with your inner self more than usual. Although it is sometimes hard to do that with the crowd, it is important to create that special time, to be intimate with you.

While doing that, you are also getting together with the family again, things might surface from the past, including things that are positive and negative. Some memories or some unresolved issues can come upfront, even during the Christmas dinner. These are usual circumstances but they have the power to ruin the holiday period if we do not accept and see them as a chance to heal and let go of the past.

How to heal something that is coming from the past? How to forgive someone when they have hurt us so badly?

The key to this is “To stay in the present”. This means, being able to express and let go now, and not spending time to ask “why?”. This happened and we want to go over it while trying to relate to the same person with a new state of being. That state of being is “peace”. Knowing that nobody is there or was there to “get us”. It was our previous self that had created it somehow with the person involved. Does that mean what the person did was right? No.

It means, to accept what had happened and now it is time to be totally you, the true you, to express how you felt. This would be enough to let go and move on.

Merry Christmas!


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One Response to “It’s Christmas! Time to be Home and Relax…”

  1. i like that…^_^…i am gonna try it.

    Thanks Duysal




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