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23 Oct 2011

Celebrating Oneness Day 24th October with a Coincidental Travel Report to Antioch

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Oneness Proponents,

Tomorrow, the 24th of October 2011, is the date when we are celebrating the Oneness Day the 2nd time. It is a Day when we remember that “We are all ONE”, meaning that “No matter what your color, ethnicity, religion or your ideology is, we can not change or transform the fact that we are all CONNECTED”.

As I have already mentioned in my first post about the Day, the Celebration is the result of many contributions by the Humanity’s Team who has started the campaign with a Oneness Day petition in 2010 with the Collaboration by the United Nations. Result is a huge success, with signatures now over 100,000. This is the Day Humanity’s Team wants to remind us the Ancient and Sacred Truth that We are all Interdependent, and should live with the Oneness Principle. With the Oneness Declaration, we are reclaiming that All Beings, Humans, Animals, The Mother Earth, and All other Creations are actually United and we should not forget that when we re-consider the current problems in our world today.

What did I experience for the Oneness Day? This weekend, I was in the southern part of Turkey, in a city called Antakya (the ancient name is Antioch). I went there for a Training project I am carrying out with the Doctors through Novartis Pharma, one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies of the world. Along with the training, we had sightseeing and city tours during the weekend. And there we have visited shops, museums, and some churches which have so much historical significance.

Antioch Priest Speech for Oneness Day

In a veryantique church having a history of more than 600 years, we have met the Priest, named Dimitri Dogum who spoke unknowingly and very coincidentally for the Oneness Day. To summarize what he said:

“In Antakya, we are living in harmony with each other, and for centuries we have done that. I am an Orthodox Christian, ¬†and for me, and for our culture here there is no difference between being an Orthodox, a Protestant, a Jewish, Turkish, Catholic, Muslim, Armenian or Kurdish… We are all One and Our God is One; although we might be worshiping or praying in different ways, in different kinds of buildings or places, there is only One God for all of us. We are all interdependent and we all need each other. It must be remembered at all times…”.

Tears came to my eyes.

What kind of a serendipity was this? How did this occur in a place where I was just visiting for the weekend?

This experience, along with many wonderful ones happening along the way, showed me that we are sharing the same vision with many out there who do not physically know us, or hear us. We communicate via special wavelength and this has so much to do with our spiritual world, and that we are surely spiritual beings all connected, breathing together… as part of a big Whole called the ONE.

With all my celebrating thoughts for the Oneness Day


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2 Responses to “Celebrating Oneness Day 24th October with a Coincidental Travel Report to Antioch”

  1. Very beautiful Duysal!
    Thank you and I love you!


    Diana Frei

  2. Thank you Duysal,
    What Humanity’s Team did for me and does now is introduce people from all over the world to each other in a demonstration of our interdependence. It also promotes a paradigm shift that helps us become aware that our belief systems are what have been keeping us apart. Once we become “aware of awareness” the possibility of practicing different belief systems is possible. After all, it is our trained neurons which let us understand the world, and when we practice change we create new neuronal pathways. I love your blog and am happy to follow you.


    Keith Garrison

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