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18 Oct 2016

My Book “Your First Step to Re-Create your Life in Oneness: Awareness” is out!

Posted by groupofchange

Dear subscribers and followers, I’ve been very silent since my last post and the major reason for that is I’ve been working hard since the beginning of 2014 to write and publish my first book on Personal Oneness. Finally, it is out!

“Your First Step to Re-Creat your Life in Oneness: Awareness” aims to help all readers to be able use awareness as an important tool to re-create their lives from scratch. Here is the text from my presş release:

In “Your First Step to Re-Create Your Life in Oneness: Awareness” (published by Balboa Press), author Kayla Wholey, PhD., aims to help readers recreate their lives by achieving oneness with what the author describes as “the mind-body-soul levels” by demonstrating real-life examples in a practical format.

“Awareness is the first necessary step to achieve oneness inside. After oneness is achieved, it is lot easier to re-create your life from scratch (including all different life domains),” says Wholey. “By using awareness as your first tool, you can heal and transform yourself starting by removing blocks in your awareness and then applying simple awareness tips and suggestions.”

“Many books under the field of spiritual transformation usually talk about the problem and its possible solutions mostly in a cognitive way meaning the authors try to explain the remedies in a style which I call theoretical,” Wholey explains. “This book goes a little further beyond by offering a unique practical guide for the readers to reach fulfillment and happiness in their new lives by enabling individual oneness.”

“Your First Step to Re-Create Your Life in Oneness”
By Kayla Wholey, PhD.
Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 248 pages | ISBN 9781504346405
Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 248 pages | ISBN 9781504346399
E-Book | 248 pages | ISBN 9781504346412
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Here is the book sellers information:





Hope you enjoy reading it!

In Oneness…


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