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8 Mar 2018

Balance for Women: A Necessity or a Luxury?

Posted by groupofchange

Dear Readers and Followers of Group of Change,

As we celebrate Woman’s Day 2018, I feel it is of utmost importance to talk about the value of women’s inner world and how that plays out in her outer world. As daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, friends, grandmothers and lovers, women have always played a relational, yet a very accepting role in human history.

When we look at how societies are made, it is with woman’s taking of major responsibility of family, home and children that the next human race could come into existence. The societies were divided according to this kind of division of labor where men would spend majority of their time outside, hunting, working, earning bread money while women would spend majority of their time taking care of the shelter, house, children and elderly. This type of having different responsibilities also extended to following centuries, even millenia. As we are almost two decades after the new millenium, woman can still be considered to be the main player at home while also juggling with many responsibilities at the workplace. This inevitably creates a lot of work-life balance issues as it is sometimes too much for a woman to handle.

Here the inner life of a woman needs to be our focus. How does the woman feel inside? When trying to give so much from herself, to her husband, to her children, to her workplace, to her parents, to her community, is there any room left for taking care of her own self? Can she, by any chance, find any time to be “alone” to think and evaluate on her past, her present, and how she wants to go about in the future? Because of too much meeting the demands, can a woman really “be her own self?” In her great book “How to be Alone” Sara Maitland puts it very nicely. It takes an important change in life design for a woman to create sometime alone. Although the need to be alone varies from woman to woman, every woman needs it at some level to master her life effectively.

Women in general, are very relational. Because of relationships, women are ready to sacrifice many things. The relationships, the main onesĀ  which usually start with children, are occupying any free time she has had, has or will have. And we are wondering why there is an underrepresentation of women in many decision-making bodies such as governments, schools, health care institutions, non-profit sectors and finally the profit ones.

In the book of woman, Osho puts it very nicely. As I remember he used to say women have been spending so much life energy on family responsibilities, husband and children that beyond man’s influence, woman could never have that energy level so as to focus on their potentials in the whole human history. Here, even in 2018 we are still talking about the length of duration for maternity leave, creating more part-time jobs for women, and helping women to have more chance of going to the top in any organization they are part of. But we are not talking much about how, at a more practical level, women all around the world can be helped for taking care of so many responsibilities at home. I don’t see any detailed governmental policy being proposed to make women’s lives more easier in terms of:

  • Child care
  • Housework
  • Cooking
  • Schooling
  • Funding for future career prospects

And many others. It has been more of a case that if women can work part-time or can be helped to take more leaves, the problem will be solved.

But how are women going to excel in their potentials? Is there a future possibility for changing that?

I think leaving you with this question is good for today.

For all Women…on earth and beyond…


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