About Dr. Kayla Wholey

Dr. Kayla Wholey is the author of the book “Your First Step to Re-Create your Life in Oneness: Awareness”. After years of practice, she has created her own methodology involving 4 steps that helps individuals solve their presenting life problems and then reach an awareness level that enables them to fulfill their desires towards achieving individual oneness. The book is describing this process through real life stories and Dr. Wholey is explaining an “Awareness Block” that gets in the way of person’s sense of wholeness.  Each story ends with suggested “Awareness Tips” that hopefully would lead the reader to grasp “what necessarily has to happen at one’s awareness and consciousness level” to achieve oneness within.

Previously, Dr. Wholey has been serving many individuals, groups and companies as a practicing psychologist, a scholar, a college professor and a social entrepreneur. On an academic level, Dr. Wholey has been teaching Psychology & Business courses at different colleges in New York City and in the United States, including but not limited to CUNY, Rutgers University, Rice University, and Fordham University. She’s been publishing scholarly articles in reputable journals such as Current Psychology, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of General Psychology, Psychological Studies, Journal of Spirituality and Mental Health, and many others. Her research papers usually center around the “Oneness concept” and she originally devised a scale called “Oneness Behavior” which was validated also in different countries.

Dr. Wholey has been serving many companies under her previous company called “Smart Solutions” in the area of Training & Consulting. Among some of her client companies we can list IFC-World Bank, KPMG, Nestlé, Novartis, IKEA, and many others. She’s been training and consulting company managers and employees in the areas of “leadership”, “self-awareness”, “performance management”, “communication styles” and “teamwork”. She’s  been a trainer of workforce groups for more than 18 years.

Dr. Wholey has BA & MA degrees in Psychology, a PhD degree in Organizational Behavior, and an MBA degree. She is an alum of Teachers College Columbia University, Baruch College-CUNY, Bogazici University & Marmara University (Istanbul, Turkey).

Kayla says:

“I believe in the power of the individual to create anything he or she wants. I believe we are all unique in our beingness but we are also interdependent with one another.