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10 Jan 2011

2011: New Beginnings

Posted by groupofchange

Dearest Friends on the Road in 2011,

New Year always starts with New Beginnings… New Journeys, New Thoughts, New Vision, New Feelings, and even a New To-Do and a To-Be List…

Let’s see what we mean by the New… Actually the New means a “Different Way of Doing/Being”, something that you have not tried or walked across before… A new set of behaviors in your family, in your home and at work. And I know these are not easy steps as the New always requires “Letting Go of the Old, the Past.. that one which does not serve you any longer…

Why is it so hard to step forward and to leave the old? Usually, us, the human beings like what we are “used to”, what we “control” and what we are “accustomed to”. In short, habits are our worst enemy in all this. We like doing it (as long as it’s familiar) even though it hurts us, harms us and blocks us in getting what we want, to grow and to move on… to our next evolutionary level. It is sometimes too blocking that we even wonder “What the heck am I still in the same position, same job, same problematic relationship, same poor financial position, with the same old but boring friends..?”

What is going on really?

If somebody would tell us: “It is you who is holding you back…”, we would probably respond like: “No, I like the new, I love the new… see, I am applying for a new position now.. I am doing that which is necessary but the reality is out there and there is nothing I can do about it…It is the same old faith.” 

Yes, you might have applied for the new position, you might have gone to a new place, or even moved out of your old apartment. However, you may have done those things with the old mindframe, old habits in a new home, old resumé for the new job…and so on.

Universe, Life force, … God.. whatever you call it… Only responds when you make the change at all levels: Mind-Body and Soul. Therefore, although you have carried out the necessary steps via new behaviors, you also need to think, feel and approach things differently. It all needs to be in place. Nothing less, nothing more…

With love and awarenes…


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